The Countdown is Running! Faszination Modellbau Starts Live in Friedrichshafen from 5 to 7 November 2021

High-tech aircraft will soar, detailed miniature railways will chug about and highly digitalised functional models will work their magic: model builders will finally be able to celebrate their long-awaited community get-together once again at Faszination Modellbau in ten large exhibition halls on the magnificent exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen! The restart will feature the world's largest “Echtdampf-Hallentreffen” and love-brand LEGO with its amazing fan exhibition. Top exhibitors, clubs and associations from all model building sectors will present their new products, action-packed live shows and original hands-on activities for the whole family – on land, on water and in the air!

Experiencing it live, handling products and exchanging ideas face-to-face about the most beautiful hobby in the world is finally possible again! You may even be able to do your Christmas shopping in advance for friends and family. The fact is, there’s something for everyone at Faszination Modellbau. And with your own ticket in hand, the anticipation becomes truly palpable! Tickets for the entire family are available this year exclusively in advance – online from the ticket shop on our website: Naturally with a protection and hygiene concept for a safe event. Read on to find out what visitors can expect at the 19th edition of the model building meet:

ExpAIRience the Finest – FMT “Stars of the Year” Air Show

For three days, the FMT “Stars of the Year” air show guarantees ultimate jet-flight feelings with its impressive aviation performances on the beautifully located airport grounds of Bodensee Airport in Friedrichshafen, alongside regular commercial air traffic! Highly skilled pilots will demonstrate all their flying skills and push themselves to the limit in this special setting from Friday to Sunday. Ever seen a pop top with a glider? The brilliant aerotow combo with Markus Rummer and Dominik Euteneier will do just that: a breath-taking downswing followed by a full-throttle pop top. Absolutely heavenly! The Red Bull Aerobatic Team is also ready for take-off and will be starting with a completely new formation. Professionally moderated and with accompanying music, spectators will be enthralled by spectacular formation displays, the hottest sports jets and realistic RC demonstrations of man-carrying aerobatics. Spectators will experience airport ambience under open skies together with the world-class pilots.

Welcome to Train Spotting

People, animals, buildings, nature and a small chugging railway in a perfect miniature landscape, coupled with the challenge of setting machinery into motion and positioning signals correctly. This is a vivid and exciting pleasure that makes model railways a favourite hobby for all generations and is presented in two exhibition halls at “Faszination Modellbau” with everything the heart desires: model railway enthusiasts will discover lots of know-how and great products covering all aspects of miniature railways at the booths of brand name manufacturers like LGB, Trix, Tillig, BEMO, Faller, Herpa and the specialised small-series manufacturers. Industry leader Märklin will present its 2021 surprise model, the “elegant Schorsch” – a unique one-of-a-kind from the Deutsche Reichsbah (German national railway). The high-end model of the express steam locomotive is absolutely to scale, highly detailed, ultra-precise and made primarily of metal. The fantastic sound functions, digitally switchable lighting and speed-dependent dynamic steam output are especially noteworthy. The “Märklineum” will also be at this year’s event, offering the museum wagon for sale in all gauges, and the Märklin Service Team will be on hand to offer advice and assistance to visitors in German, Swiss German and Austrian. The Model Railway Forum is yet another top address for complex technical knowledge, innovations and community news, and is an absolute must for inquisitive railway experts.

Stories, Anecdotes and Enchanting Scenarios

Together with Lutz Mäder and Stephan Kraus, celebrity moderator Hagen von Ortloff of the well-known television series “Eisenbahn-Romatik” will present a show layout set in the 1950s and 1960s entitled “Model Railroading and Transportation History” – as always with loads of fun and lots of anecdotes that only die-hard model railway enthusiasts are familiar with. The creative show layouts presented by dedicated clubs and associations also tell wonderful and exciting stories from various eras. They can hardly wait to once again offer live demonstrations of their realistically recreated miniature railway lines and landscapes to railroading enthusiasts both young and old. Above all they’re looking forward to personal conversations in which details can be discussed and technical refinements can be elaborated. There’s plenty of human interaction here, and that’s what makes the most beautiful hobby in the world so special!

Steaming Iron Horses and Technical Highlights on Pedestals

Chic locomotives will steam and puff their way through halls B2 and B3 on the world’s largest 5" and 7¼" track layouts at the highly popular, biggest “Echtdampf-Hallentreffen” in the world. In keeping with the motto: “It’s only real if it steams and smokes”. Lots of fun is guaranteed for families, because the iron horses cordially invite all visitors to take a ride, and are driven by highly amiable real-steam freaks in nostalgic outfits. The popular event presents the engineering art of fully functional steam-powered models in a unique variety including railways, road vehicles, ships and stationary installations. A technological highlight of a special sort!

Indoor Flight Shows with Mega Fun Guarantee

Lighter than air – what can it be? Aerostats, also known as airships, which glide through the air by remote control in the east foyer. The gas-filled flying objects perform various tasks, such as a cargo airdrops. Whose cargo will land closest to the target? Things take place in a much less targeted fashion in the west foyer, but there’s certainly more action with all manner of amusing celestial characters cavorting about. Original RC electric aircraft, illuminated trijet vertical take-off aircraft with thrust vector control and seemingly silent ultralight helicopters demonstrate their perfectly choreographed fun flights to the audience with booming musical accompaniment. R2D2, a fictional robot character from the Star Wars series, comes around the corner from time to time as well and issues a cheerful “beep”. Apparently this means “bravo” in Druidic language.

Recognition and applause from a highly impressed audience is also guaranteed for the small, high-speed drones that will be battling for every centimetre in the skies in hall B4 at the FPV Drone Championship Finals. Concentration, skill and dexterity are required of the pilots at this competition. Nevertheless, casualties are not infrequent as they whiz through the convoluted course.

Want more? No problem: Just stroll on over to flight hall A4 and enjoy the model aircraft exhibition! Visitors can gather information here about the latest innovations developed by the brand-name manufacturers. Furthermore, professional model building help and lots of flying tips from the experts, as well as the Model Aircraft Forum, are available at “Faszination Modellbau” as highly popular, standard offerings.

Great Suspense Meets High Speed

Landslide ahead! The road is blocked and there’s no way through for the trucks. But suddenly, from behind the grassy hill, a chain excavator heroically appears to clear away the pile of stones. A huge dump truck rounds the corner and offers its help. In no time at all, the buried road is cleared again and the waiting trucks can finally drive on along the large course in hall A5 to their destination. Let’s just hope the slope groomers clear away the snow properly in order to keep things on schedule!

Time and speed will also be in focus at the German Open RC Car Masters in hall B1. Racing will take place on asphalt in seven classes in order to take first place on the winners’ podium. Highlights and new releases will be presented during the racing intermissions, for example 1:5 scale models, dragsters, RC bikes, sidecar bikes and monster trucks. The Devils Drift Crew will thrill spectators in hall A6 with monstrously cool drift action and let their stylish RWD chassis drift adventurously over the course, which is approximately 100 metres long. A must for all high-speed fans!

Highlights on the High Seas

Have you ever seen the 400 square metre water basin and the exhibition lake at Faszination Modellbau in Friedrichshafen? First-rate model shipbuilding will be on display here and in Hall A6, with lots of action: jet-ski and surfer racing, match races with sailboats, lifeboat training and amusing duck shoving with Ramborator springer tug models and more are on the agenda. Popular show sailing on the large water basin with true-to-scale replicas and professional moderation, as well as world-class model demonstrations from all model shipbuilding sectors, guarantee an extremely high fun factor. Fun on the water will also be available at the children’s sailing course, where landlubbers will be transformed into seasoned sailors after passing the helmsman’s licence exam for model ships of all sizes. Congratulations to all who pass the exam!

The Great Brick Show – the 2021 LEGO® Fan Exhibition

Fantastic worlds, unique architecture and lots of creativity – enthusiasm for building with LEGO bricks runs through all generations and continues right on into adulthood for some. This is also the case for members of LEGO® fan club “Bricking Bavaria e.V.” as hobby brick layers, serious collectors and professional LEGO builders. Adults and children alike are cordially invited to the LEGO Fan Exhibition in hall A7 to take a close look at their self-made imaginative creations and impressive replicas of well-known buildings. In addition to spectacular building projects, families can also plunge into the world of LEGO® Technic, LEGO® DOTS, LEGO® NINJAGO® and LEGO® VIDIYO™ at Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen. With all of their creative energy, they’ll become race car drivers, master ninja challenges or inspire others as music stars and designers. Let the great brick show begin!

Grab Hold, Get Going, Join In

Model making and active model sports are a meaningful leisure activity. They develop manual dexterity, coordination and reflexes, and they provide for physical exercise at the same time. They get you away from ever-present on-screen media and acquaint you with the possibilities of contemporary electronics, modern materials and innovative manufacturing technologies. In order to impart this to children and young people first hand, exhibitors and associations offer lots of hands-on activities dealing with all aspects of the exhibition, always supported and guided by expert supervisors: children’s handicrafts with plastic, cardboard models and in particular with wood, RC action at Revell’s booth where participants can test stunt functions on an RC car course, steer ship models under professional guidance, get their RC driving licence on the children’s tractor course with models specially adapted for this purpose, or explore model railways at the BDEF Junior College Europe by building and playing on their own. Young and old alike will once again be able to enjoy a cross-hall scavenger hunt covering all model-building sectors, during which they’ll be required to answer questions in all of the exhibition halls in order to win one of the fabulous prizes. Who could resist getting started right away?


2021 Exhibition Dates


5 to 7 November 2021


Messe Friedrichshafen
Neue Messe 1
88046 Friedrichshafen

Opening Hours

Friday and Saturday
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission Prices
at the Box Office  

Day pass, adults: €16.00
Discounted day pass: €13.00
(young people between 9 and 17 years, pupils, students, retirees and other entitled persons with ID)
Family ticket: €40.00
(2 adults with 2 own children age 9 to 17)

Children up to 8 years of age are admitted free of charge.


Admission tickets are only available to visitors in advance,

online from the ticket shop. On-site ticket sales are no longer possible due to corona pandemic safety regulations.