IG Mikromodellbaufreunde Süd Rhein-Main (South Rhine-Main Micro Model Building Interest Group) at Faszination Modellbahn

Visitors at the booth operated by IG Mikromodellbaufreunde Süd Rhein-Main discover that the fascination of functional model building also takes place on a very small scale.

Excavation, transport and loading are implemented on a scale of 1:87. Almost everything one might encounter on the streets in front of the exhibition halls – from cars to heavy goods vehicles – roll through an appropriate landscape.

One of the numerous highlights is the functioning gravel works and its screening plant. Functional construction-site vehicles, including excavators and wheel loaders, are used to load the trucks there with gravel, which is then transported to various construction sites.

The models are based on the “H0 cars” which are well-known from model railroading. They’re are not only set into motion by the colleagues from IG Mikromodellbaufreunde Süd Rhein-Main, they’re equipped with numerous special functions as well. Thanks to the 1:87 scale, model railway landscapes can also be used and the models are operated in an attractive environment.

Interested visitors can see how the little models are maintained and repaired at the exhibition workshop. The colleagues at IG Mikromodellbaufreunde Süd Rhein-Main would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the technology involved with these models.