Gauge N at Mannheim: Japanese high-speed railway line

The motive is part of a city with historic town centre, surrounded by modern buildings and a station. The high-speed railway (Shinkansen) travels through rural Japan with agriculture, tunnels and bridges. On a lower level a passenger train... read on


Gauge H0/H0m at Mannheim: Kufenau model railway

The layout depicts the imaginary region of Kufenau, an idyllic snow-covered landscape. Up to 10 trains from various eras can run on the layout at the same time. A computer in combination with software programme Train Controller enables... read on


Gauge IIm (G) at Mannheim: Segment layout "Hammerundermeadowvalley"

Garten railways are known as the giants among miniatures. Locos and carriages that children can handle without Dad having a nervous breakdown! And because of their size, intricate details are actually perceivable to the naked eye. The... read on


Gauge H0 at Mannheim: Momo-Calzalunga Station

J. Wittfoth's digital and finely detailed H0 layout represents an electrified railway station in the mountains where most of the trains are pulled by Austrian and Italian electric locomotives. Train operation is modelled on that of the... read on


Gauge Z at Mannheim: The American dream in Z

The model railway in Z gauge demonstrates in Mannheim that it can easily compete with really big model railway layouts. With their large US segment and module layout by US Z Lines Europe, the railroaders show how to build large and... read on


Gauge H0 at Mannheim: Coal, steam and diesel

This module layout represents conditions in Germany in the 60s and 70s, at a time when there was still a lot of dust, smoke and coal. Where possible, overtaking tracks and sidings were added to enable variation in railway traffic. Small... read on


Gauge H0 at Mannheim: Delfhavense Schie railway bridge

Drawbridges on railways are rare but can be found in Holland, and one of them is the movable Delfshavense Schie Bridge, which can be seen as a model on this H0 layout. The layout consists of 5 modules, including a shunting section and an... read on


Gauge H0 at Mannheim: Module layout laden with details and push button options

This layout consisting of 35 modules has a total length of around 60 metres (some 120 metres of track) and can be assembled in ever changing variations. One of the highlights is the fully automated fiddle-yard station that ensures lively... read on


Press info 02: Ageless pastime at legendary venue! FASZINATION MODELLBAHN from 15th - 17th March 2019 at the Maimarkthalle Mannheim

Not long now! In just a few weeks' time southern Germany's favourite model railway event debuts at the Maimarkthalle in Mannheim. From 15th - 17th March FASZINATION MODELLBAHN 2019 guarantees 100% railway modelling at a one-hundred percent... read on


Preliminary list of exhibitors at Faszination MODELLBAHN Mannheim 2019 is online!

Take a look and start to plan your visit to the exhibition today! Find out which companies and societies have already registered for the 7th Faszination MODELLBAHN Mannheim from 15 – 17 March 2019. The exhibitor list will be updated... read on

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