model aircraft on display: Fly High and Big! Stars, Design & Tech-Fun

Quiz question! Which is the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world? Answer: The Antonov AN225 Mrija. This big aircraft takes off in real life with a fabulous wingspan of 88 meters! There’s only one of them.

But as of recently there’s also a true-to-life miniature edition: on a scale of 1:16, creator and passionate model aircraft builder Michael Speier from Koblenz, Germany, has completed this enormous project after more than 2000 hours of work – of course with lots of fervent enthusiasm. Materials used for his model include balsa wood, plywood, Elapor and Styrofoam, as well as small amounts of carbon and glass fibre reinforced plastic on the fuselage nose and the gondolas. The Antonov 225 model is a 100% true-to-life copy of its full-scale original – and with a wingspan of 5420 mm and a take-off weight of 93.2 kg, it will be a guaranteed, sensational eye-catcher at FASZINATION MODELLBAU 2019.