Final Report: Record! 53.000 visitors make it the most successful FASZINATION MODELLBAU of all time!

Phenomenal and relaxing were among the attributes used to describe the highly successful 2018 Faszination Modellbau show! This year the leading trade fair at the intersection point of Germany, Austria and Switzerland on Lake Constance has again lived up to its reputation as Europe's most significant model engineering event: From 1st to 4th November some 53,000 enthusiastic international visitors met up with around 400 highly satisfied exhibitors from 15 countries. Nowhere else can this density of manufacturers be found at a single model-making event. In addition, around 2,000 dedicated voluntary modellers breathed life into an immense variety of models of all genres, filling the exhibition halls and the outdoor grounds with their creativity and incredible energy. For four wonderful days of model engineering, the community presented and celebrated its miniature works of art with great commitment and enjoyment, creating beautiful moments, encounters and memories, already sparking anticipation of the 18th edition of Faszination Modellbau.

Saturday morning shortly after the start of the fair in East foyer: The plaintive riffs of Hotel California ring out, then the whirring sounds of RC car engines blend in with the music. The race commentator at the microphone jokes with Tina Machine who in turn entertains the kids waiting to steer mini racing cars around the track. Meanwhile Mr. Leadfoot and Mr. Rockefeller are already at the start for the first battle - it's Carrera Fun Tour time at Faszination Modellbau! At the same time, only three halls away, the Ramborators are ready for action on the 400sqm water pool! Who or what is that, you may ask? The 'Rambos' are model tugboats: the original prototypes in the USA are used for example to assemble rafts on big rivers. Here in the ship modelling hall in Friedrichshafen the mini tugboats staged an entertaining duck chase: A children's team competed against a team led by the editor-in-chief of ModellWerft magazine, to manoeuvre the squeaky yellow plastic ducks between the watery goal posts with the help of the Rambos. Fun for all!

Meanwhile outside on the airfield adrenaline runs sky-high at the superlative "Stars of the Year" air show. With model planes flown skilfully by champion pilots and moderated by an expert commentator, the show is and will remain an ingenious highlight that never ceases to enthral spectators. Active aero modellers and those motivated by the show enjoy the advice and information on the latest products, conveyed by brand manufacturers in the model flight hall. Those with specific problems can interact directly with stand personnel to find circuit boards and other materials to fit their requirements. In the model truck hall the Roadworkers present a blockbuster stage show with high-tech model trucks, excavators and forklifts moving in precise choreography, controlled by the perfectly coordinated Roadworker team, with super sounds and professional moderation. Superb functional models in action, amazing perfection in form, material and design. Chapeau! Behind the stage the high-quality commercial vehicle and construction machine models are on display, so that fans can see them up close and get first-hand information for themselves. At the model engineering show time just flies!

"Visitors of all ages find a unique variety of spectacular exhibits: From the largest functional flight model in the world, the most picturesque truck courses, the fastest RC cars, the most professional air shows, the coolest multicopters and most creative model railway layouts - all that and more can be found at Faszination Modellbau. Classic functional model making in particular is well presented here and shows innovative trends in action, with great attention to detail", Project Manager Sascha Bürkel is happy to report.

Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen is renowned as a pioneering international brand and community event that connects all sectors of model engineering and all generations of modelling enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to peruse, try out, talk shop, build, play and shop. This is where the modeller's heart beats, and where hobbies that span generations are celebrated, with creativity and diversity.

That is what makes this event the place to be for premieres such as the new digital Plug & Play systems, connected via Wi-Fi, which can control entire model railway layouts with digital locomotives and wagons via tablet and smartphone. And also for genuine world firsts like the RC Drift, which extends the race simulator into the real world. The FPV Drone Championship also premiered: Ten, nine, eight, hot voice, cool sound, speed, concentration, flight, fight – and the race is won. Shiny polished cups catch the eye of competitors and champions. At the entrance to the race arena, a simulator gives exhibition visitors their first contact with drone racing -without any material damage. Breath-taking!

Galactic encounters with R2D2 thrilled the public, as did the Indoor Action show for RC electric models. Delicate micromodel landscapes, classic model railway brands with their innumerable model railway scenes. Children's play areas, the German Open RC Car Masters, the crazy off-roaders in the courtyard and speedboats on the fairground lake. Model aircraft fans stop to chat with micromodel builders, railway modellers check what is going on at the drone races, and ship captains enjoy a visit to the model truck festival and the snowcat layout. The audience from all over the world strolls from hall to hall, interacting spontaneously or intentionally at the many stalls and stations, buying, marvelling, networking and enjoying the splendid, entertaining, miniature universe of this mega event.

"The four days of the fair were phenomenal!" says Andreas Wittur, managing director of Messe Sinsheim, the organizer of the event. "Faszination Modellbau at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre is a must-attend event in the calendar of every modeller, because the exhibition concept with its focus on the event as a whole is coherent and forward-looking. As a private organizer, we are able to integrate new, often unorthodox ideas quickly and unconventionally. It adds to the fun, and goes down well with exhibitors, participants and visitors alike. And that shows up in the success of the fair."

So many little stories in miniature format, film set replicas alongside everyday scenes from real life, fascinating aspects of every sector of model making enthusiastically photographed and filmed. Throughout the coming year the modelling community and the trade fair itself will share this documentation, their images and reminiscences of Faszination Modellbau, all serving to shorten the waiting time for the 18th edition of the modellers' favourite event.

The 18th FASZINATION MODELLBAU takes place from 1st - 3rd November 2019 at the Friedrichshafen Trade Fair Centre, together with the 22nd Live Steam Meeting in two additional exhibition halls. 

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