2m Gauge in Friedrichshafen: Sauerland Segment Layout by Wolf Dietrich Groote and Gerhard Seelbach

This abridged layout consists of self-made tracks with motifs from the Plettenberg and Hohenlimburg narrow-gauge railways. The first five sections are based on the transfer table in Hohenlimburg with its three-rail section and the meter-gauge ramp system. A special eye-catcher is the three-rail switch with additional meter gauge deceleration. The points installed within the elaborately designed road surfaces are set up as prototypical street switches. The transfer of standard gauge cars to narrow gauge roll cars is demonstrated true to scale on the layout to a greater extent than on any other model railway layout to date in this scale.

Furthermore, the Sauerland segment layout is supplemented with a newly constructed “Awanst HilMa” standard gauge layout section (alternative connection point: HilMa) built by Gerhard Seelbach. 

Operator: IG track II Wolf Dietrich Groote & Gerhard Seelbach, 58840 Plettenberg, Germany

Layout size: 14 x 6 m