Gauge H0 at Mannheim: Delfhavense Schie railway bridge

Drawbridges on railways are rare but can be found in Holland, and one of them is the movable Delfshavense Schie Bridge, which can be seen as a model on this H0 layout. The layout consists of 5 modules, including a shunting section and an impressive brand new spiral double-track turning loop. Dutch windmills and houses have been recreated with great attention to detail. Trains run digitally with sound effects and are controlled via computer with "Koploper." A maximum of 7 trains are in operation at the same time. At the front you can see through tracks and at the end of the layout is a turning loop so that the trains can run from A to B. 

Operator: Maasbuurtspoor, Mike van Raaij, 6546 WP Nijmegen, Netherlands
Size of layout: 10 x 2 metres