Gauge H0 at Mannheim: Module layout according to AG Nordmodul standards

Since 1985 the club has been working on their layout built according to the standards of modelling consortium AG Nordmodul. It is the club's second project following their popular Berlin Stadtbahn layout which includes the Berlin television tower.

Initially the layout, which has grown to an impressive 50 metres, consisted of two terminal loops, two track modules and a small station. At the time, the club's youth group exhibited the railway for the first time at the Prater in Berlin. After reunification in 1989 the club soon came into contact with others who also build according to Nordmodul standards. A particular highlight for them was a joint exhibition with other clubs at Expo 2000 in Wilhelmshaven.

Since then the modules have been further developed and renewed bit by bit, with the addition of single-track connectors. This enables club members to connect single track elements from their own private railways to the layout, adding to the diversity of activities on the tracks. 

Operator: Verein für Berlin Brandenburgische Stadtbahngeschichte e.V., Berlin, Germany
Size of layout: 21 x 7 metres