Gauge H0 at Mannheim: Momo-Calzalunga Station

J. Wittfoth's digital and finely detailed H0 layout represents an electrified railway station in the mountains where most of the trains are pulled by Austrian and Italian electric locomotives. Train operation is modelled on that of the Brenner railway, era IV to V, with old school electric locomotives - shunting, double traction, banking engine. And the icing on the cake: an H0e mini railway based on the Lasa Marble Railway in South Tyrol at the time of electric operation. The originals were intentionally not copied too strictly to allow for creative freedom. The layout has been popular with children now for 24 years, being well known for the 'gummi bears' which are of course realistically "unloaded" at the ramp, and for its hearty sound effects. There are many quirky and subtle little scenes to be discovered if spectators take a close look. 

Operator: Jochen Wittfoth, 86551 Aichach, Germany
Size of layout: 5 x 1 metres