Gauge N at Mannheim: International rail operation

The module group of the N-Club International (NCI) constructs layouts by assembling modules created by individual members. Thanks to a standardised module connection system it is possible to design ever new layouts. The focus is on train operation and the little details along the tracks.

At Faszination MODELLBAHN the layout will be analogue-controlled in blocks. It consists of 52 modules from 4 countries: In addition to the club's south German-inspired modules it will include "Klaus Station" (from the Austrian Phyrn Railway) by Viennese club "Authentic Modellbau Club" (AMC), Swiss landscapes by model railway club "spur-N-schweiz" (sNs) and also a little piece of Africa brought to the show by the "N-Gauge Guild of South Africa". The 85 metre long main line (without branches) is served from both ends by multi-track stations, between them lie three through stations and two branch lines, enabling plenty of possibilities for varied train operation.

Not just the various types of station (terminus, main station, subsidiary station) but also numerous interesting motives along the tracks make this an eye-catching layout: a large railway depot, interesting bridges, a mountain rack railway, tramline, garden centre, railway museum, tunnel, signal boxes, half-timbered houses AND wild animals from Africa near the Victoria Falls Bridge. Activities for modellers of all ages are offered on a workshop area and children can paint refrigerated wagon models. 

Operator: N-Club International, Stefan Wörner, 71120 Grafenau, Germany
Size of layout: 22 x 10 metres